The Division for Student Development and Success is located in the Montgomery Student Center and can be reached at 596-9016.

Mission Statement: The Division of Student Development and Success strives to work collaboratively with all areas of the College to create a community that challenges, supports, and empowers women to develop an understanding of self and purpose. We aspire to nurture individuals who: live with integrity, embrace diversity, care for mind, body and spirit, show compassion, and engage in the global community. The Division of Student Development and Success prepares students for personal, academic and professional success.


  • Will Case | Associate Provost for Student Success | Montgomery 205A
  • Rhonda Mingo | Dean of Students | Montgomery 206B
  • Sami Singleton | Case Manager for Student Accessibility Services | Montgomery 206C
  • Keegan Johnson | Director of Advising for Athletics | Montgomery 206D
  • Tammy W. Stokes | Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Converse II | Montgomery 206E
  • Cathy Gowan | Director of Internships and Career Services | Montgomery 204A
  • Tori Good | Director of Career Development & Employer Relations | Montgomery 204B
  • Sabrina J. Wilson | Support Specialist for Career Development and Nisbet Honors Program | Montgomery 204
  • Sher-Ron Laud | Director of Residential Life | Montgomery 202B
  • Daphnie Glenn | Director of First Generation Student Programs & Assistant Director of Residential Life  | Montgomery 202C
  • Jessica Backman | Director of Student Activities and Civic Engagement | Montgomery 202D
  • Danielle Stone  | Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator  | Montgomery 202H
  • Lexi Stoneburner | Director of  Students in Transition/Assistant Director of Residential Life  | Montgomery 202G
  • Rev. Eliza Smith| Chaplain | Montgomery 201
  •                     | Director of Center for Academic Excellence | 3rd Floor of the library