All members of the Converse community are encouraged to resolve conflicts directly with all parties involved in a given situation. Students are expected to speak openly with peers, faculty and/or staff to address concerns and find solutions. However, there are times when circumstances warrant direct reporting to the appropriate source for resolution. Converse provides opportunities and processes for students to report incidents related to Sexual Harassment and any form of grievance that may emerge during the course of their experience.  Reports are given directly to the appropriate area contact to advance investigations and reconciliation.  

Have a concern?

RD On Call



Campus Safety



Spartanburg Regional Urgent Care


101 East Wood Street Spartanburg, SC 29303

Mary Black Urgent Care


1700 Skylyn Dr Spartanburg, SC29307

Regional On-Call Nurse 24/7



Doctor’s Care


1762 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC29307

Local Taxi Service 24/7





The Division of Student Affairs, Montgomery Student Activities Building, 864.596.9016

Chaplain’s Office, Montgomery Student Activities Building, 864.596.9078

Counseling Services, Andrews Building, (Wellness Center), 864.596.9595

Health Services, Andrews Building, (Wellness Center), 864.596.9258



Area Hospitals:

Charter Hospital, Greenville, 1.800.CHARTER

Mary Black Hospital, Spartanburg, 864.573.3000

Marshall I. Pickens Hospital, Greenville, 1.800.356.8988

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, Spartanburg, 864.560.6000

Rape/Rape Crisis of Spartanburg, 158 West Main Street, 864.583.9803

Mental Health Assoc., of the Piedmont, 153 North Spring Street, 864.582.3104

Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center, 149 E. Wood Street, 864.585.0366