Learning Through Diverse Experiences

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Converse’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is Converse Across Boundaries: Learning Through Diverse Experiences. This theme combines diversity and experiential-learning initiatives in an effort to enhance students’ abilities to understand, evaluate, and personally reflect upon different cultures, worldviews, and social perspectives.

For faculty, the QEP offers several new resources...  

  1. New GEP Courses

    If you develop a new non-European/non-Anglophone GEP course or another new GEP course that meets our QEP goals, you may apply for a $500 stipend. After obtaining CPC approval for the GEP credit designation, contact   Kevin DeLapp (QEP Coordinator) to apply.

  2. Interfaith Studies

    If you develop a new Interfaith Studies (IFS) course, you may receive $1000 stipend; or a $500 stipend for adapting an existing course. “Interfaith” may include religious traditions as well as non-religious ethical or cultural worldviews (see the IFS learning outcomes in Appendix I of the QEP Full Report). Contact Sherry Fohr (IFS Curricular Director) to apply or to check whether a course you have in mind counts. 

  3. Study-Travel

    If you organize a new study-travel course, including especially domestic study-travel, you may apply to Erin Templeton (Director of Study-Travel) for a $250 stipend. 

  4. Internships

    If you supervise a student summer internship, you may apply to Cathy Gowan (Director of Internships and Corporate Relations) for a $250 stipend. 

  5. QEP Speaker Series

    If you invite a speaker or visitor to Converse who address the QEP theme, you may apply to the Provost’s Office for funding. Contact Angie Janulis for more details. 

  6. Cultural Enrichment Activities

    If you organize an event or series of events that address the QEP theme, you may apply for funding from the Office of the President in the form of a Creativity, Community, and Cultural Enrichment (C3) Grant. Contact Stacey Brewer for more details.