The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a  Federal law that protects the privacy of your student’s educational records and prohibits the college from sharing this information without their consent. Education records include grade reports, transcripts, and other academic files.

Parents and family members are interested in their student’s academic success and progress toward graduation. Under the terms of FERPA, the college may not share their educational records with you without your student’s permission. If your student wishes, they may establish an authorized user for their family. 

To view your student's financial and/or academic records, your student must complete a FERPA waiver form on MyConverse. They can grant permission to whomever they wish and decide what they will allow the individuals to access. It is highly recommended that your student complete the waiver to allow a family member to view at least their financial records. The college does not send out paper bills, so full account information is only accessible to view and to pay on MyConverse.

Once a student grants access, the information is used to create a parent record, login and password. Information on how to login to view granted information will be sent to the email address provided by the student. 

Once login information is activated, a family member can login to using their login credentials. If problems arise with the login, please contact for assistance.

This FERPA permission access is only for academic and/or financial information. Families wishing to discuss other issues with faculty and staff on campus about their student will need to be granted extra FERPA permissions from their student at the time of issue. Only after a student has signed the additional FERPA request form, will faculty and staff be allowed to have an open discussion with family members.

A student may chose at any time to revoke or refuse FERPA permissions for family members. The College is required by law to honor the student's requests.