Dear Converse Parent/Guardian,

Converse College would like to share information with you that may affect your daughter. As most parents are aware, alcohol abuse is an ongoing national concern for colleges and universities. Alcohol offenses are handled by the Civitas Council, which is made up of students elected from each class by their peers. They use the sanctions below as guidelines when adjudicating a case. Typical sanctions are as follows:


1st Offense: Alcohol education program, $50 fine

2nd Offense: Parental notification, counseling assessment, community service hours, $100 fine

3rd Offense: Community service hours, $150 fine, potential for suspension

Based on a 1998 amendment to the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act, Converse College is permitted to notify parents of alcohol and drug infractions committed by students under the age of 21. Parents may be notified when choices made by a student under the age of 21 raises concern related to repeated violations of the alcohol and/or drug policy of the College. Notification will take place by asking the student to contact her parent(s) with follow-up from the Dean for Community Life.

You should also know that under state law, South Carolina residents convicted of an alcohol or drug violation lose their eligibility for the LIFE Scholarship, the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, and the South Carolina Tuition Grant. We encourage you to discuss these issues, as well as matters that will affect students’ health, safety, and welfare, with your daughter. Converse College appreciates your participation in your daughter’s education. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make contact.


Rhonda Mingo

Dean of Students