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Please click on the button to access and download the Converse College 2017-2018 Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

Honor Board & Civitas

  • The Honor Board serves as one aspect of the judicial system of Converse’s self-governance. It exists in order to protect and preserve the student culture whose foundation is one of mutual trust and responsibility. The board also works to educate the campus on the honor tradition and coordinates the signing of the honor code by all new students.
  • Civitas Council is the second aspect of the judicial system of Converse’s system of self-governance, pertaining to the principles of social conduct known as “Community Values.” Civitas Council is a group of students elected by students to handle violations of Community Values.

To submit a violation for Honor Board or Civitas as either the accused or accuser, please use the single form below.


All of these policies are found within the entire Undergraduate Student Handbook

2017-2018 Undergraduate Student Handbook (.pdf, 1285K)
Residential Life Policies (.pdf, 105K)
Student Conduct (.pdf, 153K)
Convocation Requirements (.pdf, 63K)
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (.pdf, 71K)
Smoking and Tobacco Policy (.pdf, 46K)
Pet Policy (.pdf, 41K)

General Pet Policy for entire campus other than 3rd Williams

Pet Policy for 3rd Williams (.pdf, 77K)

Specific guidelines for 3rd Williams in regards to dogs as allowable pets.

2016-2017 Undergraduate Student Handbook (.pdf, 810K)
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