Learning Through Diverse Experiences

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Converse’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is Converse Across Boundaries: Learning Through Diverse Experiences. This theme combines diversity and experiential-learning initiatives in an effort to enhance the abilities to understand, evaluate, and personally reflect upon different cultures, worldviews, and social perspectives.

For students, the QEP offers several exciting new resources...

  1. New Degree!

    A new interdisciplinary minor in Interfaith Studies (IFS) is currently in development. IFS courses examine diverse religious, ethical, and cultural worldviews, seeking to foster understanding and constructive dialogue across differences. IFS minors also have access to unique travel, research, and internship possibilities through collaboration with the Chaplain’s Office. For more information on the IFS minor or to declare, contact Professor Sherry Fohr. To see how you can get involved in interfaith activities at Converse, contact Reverend Jason Loscuito.

  2. Study Abroad Scholarships

    If you are planning to participate in one of Converse’s domestic study-travel opportunities, you may apply for a $300 scholarship by contacting Professor Erin Templeton

  3. Internships

    Summer tuition waivers are granted to students participating in for-credit summer internships. You may also apply for up to $200 toward reimbursing any travel costs you accrue during a summer internship. Contact Cathy Gowan in the Center for Student Development and Success to receive more details.

  4. Support Your Event

    If you organize a campus event or activity that deals with the QEP theme, you may apply for funding to help support advertising and printing by contacting Professor Kevin DeLapp. Such activities may also count for Convocation Credit under the “Diversity”.